Doritos Commercial for Crash the Superbowl

Hey check out this doritos commercial that i made for Crash the Superbowl. It’s titled “Doritos at First Sight (Updated)”. Click the link to follow and share with others as well!


A Different Way to Show Emotion

Here is a recent video that my friend, SamTheBalloninator, has made recently for a project. The concept? Doing an action without “actually” doing it. Sound difficult? Well “TheBalloninator” was able to accomplish this with this video called “Cry”.

For more videos, click on Balloninator’s youtube page:

Lady Gaga’s “Judas” music video releases today

The long awaited “Judas” by our own Lady Gaga has finally arrived. I’m not the hugest fan of Gaga, but I have to say I really love this video. The basic plot is that Gaga is Mary Magdalene. She is with Jesus (who we can tell by the thorns on his head) but we can also see that she is drawn to Judas. The twist? Gaga, Jesus and the “disciples” are all part of a motorcycle gang in present times. It apparently costed $10 million dollars to make. I’ll let you be the judge, but as for me, I’m in love with Judas

The Invisible Man….literally

Came across some pictures while browsing and noticed some interesting photos taken in different locations and areas. What I didn’t realize is what was in the photo as well as beside the background.

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It may take a double take to spot this fascinating artist Liu Bolin. He’s 35 years old from Shandong China, who literally paints himself the background of his photo and “blends” into the picture, like a chameleon. Sometimes people can’t tell that he is there unless he moves. He works up to 10 hours at a time for one photo, making sure it’s right and achieving the exact effect. He says his work is a protest against actions of the government who shut down his art studio in 2005, with a theme of “not fitting in”. Well to me it looks like he almost fits in perfectly and his work is much admired by all who see it.

The Art of Getting By: Comeback for Freddie Highmore?

We’ve all seen Freddie Highmore as the cute young kid in films like Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and August Rush. How will people see him now that he’s all grown-up? It will all depend on his new film The Art of Getting By, starring the 19-year old as a slacker in school on academic probation who starts to develop a friendship with his crush, who is Emma Roberts. Feelings are there, but will he actually take a chance, or will stand by the sidelines with his normal comment “I don’t have anything to say”. Set to be released in June 17th and the official Sundance 2011 film festival selection, will it set ablaze as a box-office hit? or will it be another New-York romance? You decide

For more about film click below:

The Art of Getting By IMDB

Rainbow roses: Impossible?

Sounds impossible right? Apparently not. In 2004, the alliance of two Dutch companies, River Flowers and F.J Zandbergen, resulted in perfecting the process of growing flowers with many different colors. The secret? Placing the roses in special water, with different substances already dissolved in it. The roses absorb this water as part of natural process and it changes the colors of the petals. The Rainbow Rose Company, where you can buy these special flowers, not only have these “Happy Roses” but other color combinations with roses and many other types of flowers like Chrysanthemum and Hydrangea. I find it a little hard to believe but hey, anything is possible.

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To buy some of these flowers, go to their website below:

Rainbow Rose Company

For more or information about theses fabulous flowers, click below

Happy Roses

Pencil vs. Camera: Photography or Art?

Stumbling along the internet, I found amazing photos by a Belgium artist named Ben Heine. Born in Abidjan and currently living and working in Brussels, he had developed his own project called “Pencil vs. Camera” (also called “Drawing vs Photography” or “Imagination vs Reality“). He takes a drawing he created and suprerimposes it over a photpo, making the audience debate between reality and imagination in his photography. It’s really sensational stuff and should be considered as a new type of art.

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For more photos from his “Pencil vs Camera” collection click below here.

Pencil vs Camera

For more information or artwork from this talented artist, click below.

Ben Heine

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